Our aim is to reward fairly all those efforts of people who contribute to the success of the organisation. To achieve this, we utilize a variety of reward and recognition practices, including:

  • Annual Bonus, with participation of all company employees
  • Organisation of a BRAVO event, which recognises good results and individual effort, through the nomination of individuals who have had a positive impact on the organisation
  • Development of the Bee Great Plan, aiming to recognise and reward the extra mile, i.e. the overachievement of individual and team goals
  • The “30 Years at MELISSA” award, through which colleagues who have completed 30 years of employment with the company are rewarded with a trip to a destination of their choice, as a minimum sign of gratitude for their contribution and dedication
  • Organization of sales competitions at regular intervals, in order to motivate and reward the sales team
  • Awarding cash prizes to the successful candidates of the National Exams, as well as scholarships to children of employees to cover education costs
  • Provision of long-term training grants to selected staff members
  • Health & Wellbeing programmes and provision of fruits for free at the company premises
  • Coverage of foreign language costs and subsidies for qualifications